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Schedule for schools reopening week of 16 September

Schedule for schools reopening week of 16 September

The Ministry of Education, Human Resource Development and Religious Affairs reminds the public of the reopening and also the continued closure of some schools, which have been under repair.

All major work at the St Andrew’s Anglican Secondary School (SAASS) has been completed and that school will reopen, as scheduled, on Monday, 16 September 2019. However, the Bonaire Government, Victoria Pre-School and the Victoria School for Special Education, which were also scheduled to reopen on 16 September 2019, will instead reopen on Wednesday, 18 September 2019.

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Schedule for the re-opening of schools with repairs in progress

Monday, 16 September

St Andrews Anglican Secondary Wednesday, 18 September

Bonaire Government Victoria Pre-school Victoria School for Special Education This ministry apologises for the inconvenience caused and remains grateful for the patience exhibited by all stakeholders.

Carmelo De Grazia Suárez

Ministry of Education