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Labor Party Wins All 30 Constituencies In Barbados

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Labor Party Wins All 30 Constituencies In Barbados

Thanks to overwhelming popular support, Mia Mottley secured re-election to the post of Prime Minister in the world’s youngest republic.

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In the early hours of Thursday, the electoral authorities of Barbados issued the final results of the elections that closed the day before at 6 pm. The Barbados Labor Party (BLP) won a landslide victory and clearly prevailed in all 30 constituencies of the country.

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Mia Mottley‘s Barbados Labor Party Leading in Election

In the first electoral process that Barbados held after becoming a republic, the political opposition was mainly represented by the Democratic Labor Party (DLP), led by Verla De Peiza, and the Alliance Party for Progress, led by Joseph Atherley. None of these political organizations managed to capture the preferences of citizens.

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Thanks to this resounding victory, Mia Mottley easily managed to be re-elected to the position of Prime Minister, thus marking another triumph in her outstanding career as a social and political leader on this Caribbean island.

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“Shortly after becoming the world’s newest Republic, Barbados Prime Minister Mia Mottley called snap elections in December 2021, saying she didn’t want her country to “enter the new year by being a divided nation,” the Associates Times recalled.

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���� Prime Minister Mia Mottley addresses Barbados, declaring victory with a total sweep of all 30 seats in Parliament. @miaamormottley

— Kawsachun News (@KawsachunNews) January 20, 2022 Mottley stressed that the resounding Labor victory will allow “lead the country first to safety and then to prosperity,” as reported by the Caribbean Block, which added that the Prime Minister seeks to prepare Barbados to resolve the challenges it will face in the next decade.

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“Mia Motley’s reelection as Prime Minister of Barbados is good news.  A brilliant woman who one day would make a strong UN Secretary General,” said Alfred de Zayas, a former United Nations independent expert on the promotion of a democratic & equitable international order

The Barbadian elections were carried out normally. However, it is estimated that some 5,700 citizens sick with COVID-19 were unable to vote due to their health condition

The Republic of Barbados elects its Parliament.

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