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Live blog: US Congress tells Pentagon to speed review of drones for Ukraine

Live blog: US Congress tells Pentagon to speed review of drones for Ukraine

Russia escalates its campaign to capture more Ukrainian territory, rounding up army reservists to fight, preparing votes on annexing occupied areas and launching new attacks, as fighting rages on its 212th day. Volunteers take part in training during courses with The Mozart Group, in the Donetsk region of Ukraine. (AFP) Friday, September 23, 2022

Lawmakers press Pentagon on supplying drones to Ukraine

Seventeen members of Congress told US Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin to speed up a Pentagon security review of a Ukrainian request for large armed drones, according to a letter.

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“Thorough risk assessments mitigation should not come at the expense of Ukrainian lives,” said the letter and signed by a bipartisan congressional group urging that the Pentagon's review of whether it can transfer the weapons end in a “timely manner.”

The letter, which was signed by Republicans and Democrats, referenced the recent territorial gains by Ukraine, adding that “employing more capable Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) on the battlefield will allow the AFU (Armed Forces of Ukraine) to better hold the territory they fought so hard to reclaim”.

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Czech Republic:  Fleeing Russians don't meet humanitarian visa criteria 

The Czech Republic will not issue humanitarian visas to Russian citizens fleeing mobilisation orders, Foreign Minister Jan Lipavsky has said

Many Russians are trying to leave their country after President Vladimir Putin announced mobilisation as Russian forces fighting in Ukraine have suffered heavy losses

“I understand that Russians are fleeing from ever more desperate decisions by Putin. But those running because they don't want to fulfill a duty imposed by their own government, they don't meet the criteria for humanitarian visa,” Lipavsky told the Reuters news agency

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